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Get inspired by other creatives and make your work visible for brands.


Our PACT community is already several-hundred strong. And we’re inclusive; we offer a place for young creatives to develop their talents and for experienced creators who have been working in the scene for years. Within our community we also have a selection of PACT mentors. They are our CEO’S, established creatives, entrepreneurs and creative experts who want to share their knowledge.

Members: Anyone can sign up, no matter who you are. PACT offers their members various opportunities. After you join us, you get to influence brands by giving your opinion (paid) projects, and you can enter our unique giveaways. On top of that PACT organizes events (talks, parties, workshops, etc.) where you can meet like minded people. PACT also puts pitches online for creative projects from brands. Make sure you don’t miss out, follow us on Instagram!

Mentors: Mentors are professional members who are well and truly experienced in their discipline – they throw themselves into inspiring the new generation and sharing their knowledge. And, as well as that, they brainstorm with brands on a creative and strategic level.

Are there any financial costs for joining PACT?

No. Standard membership is (and stays) free.

How do I know about PACT’s events, giveaways and pitches?

Follow us on Instagram!Upon joining, you also receive our monthly PACT letter in your inbox with everything you need to know about your creative community (such as pitches and member news).

Do I have to be creative to join PACT?

PACT members are creative in the broadest sense. So if you enjoy thinking along with creative brands, or reading about the creative scene, you’re welcome in our PACT. Aside from that we organize events and pitches for creators, varying from photographers to graphic designers to writers.

What do you get as a PACT member?

  • Access to an inclusive community that unites creatives from various disciplines.
  • Be able to join our unique giveaways or discounts. Like a ticket for a Henessy party, or a fashion exposition at Centraal Museum.
  • Create impact and voice your opinion (paid) in one of our panels. About which moves PUMA should make next, for example.
  • Invites to our PACT events, where you can meet various interesting creatives
  • A chance to promote your work in our monthly PACT letter or via our social channels. We can help you get your work seen by distinct people who, in their turn, might be able to help you further in your creative journey.