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About PACT

We connect creatives and brands to make the world a little better.

Creative Collective
PACT is an initiative started by Kult&Ace – the only agency in the Netherlands that focuses on Gen Z and millennials. The days when CEOs, marketers, strategists and art directors called the shots on a brand’s communication and direction are over. We want to introduce brands to today’s world.

That’s why, with PACT, we’re building that much-needed bridge. How? By drawing on our extensive experience and our broad network. That’s how we work toward establishing a reality that provides a level playing field for all, regardless of background, gender or appearance.

Making a Change
PACT members get to (co)create with a brand and play a part in deciding how it should look. They provide input into the creative campaigns that will be used, which new services we really need, and about how sustainable and diverse the brand should be. All with the aim of inspiring, helping and learning from each other.

Membership is free; come and join us!

PACT People:

Motion Designer

Joe Thomas

UI Designer

Milla Conner

Graphic Designer

Carolyn Ray

UI Designer

Milla Conner