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Keep your brand relevant by staying in touch with what’s going on in today’s – and tomorrow’s – world.

Discover a new way of marketing in which you work with your target group instead of for your target group. Dive into our PACT pool of young creatives from various countries for insights, (co)creation and content. And get tailormade advice from a specialized agency with years of experience but a young DNA.


Get valuable insights from our PACT pool of urban trendsetters from all different backgrounds. From focus groups and polls to Gen Z scans and our Millennial Monitor. National and international. Crowd-sourced and fully customizable to your needs.

Content and co-creation

Create the most relevant and targeted content together with PACT. Select young talent for in front of and behind the camera. (Co)create with the most upcoming key opinion leaders and creative innovators. And deal with sensitivities and social issues in the right way to limit the risks of reputational damage and have an edge over the competition.


Get solid advice on how to reach the Gen Z and millennial consumer. PACT consists of a team of experts in the fields of marketing, PR, youth communication, trend research and DE&I. We use our knowledge for consultancy projects and campaigns in the fields of both internal and external communication. This creates a one-stop shop that offers you the opportunity to reach, and continuously work together with, a young, diverse target group – in other words: the consumer of today and tomorrow.


Get inspired and – more importantly – stay up to date through relevant online content and events, Gen Z workshops, courses, (DE&I) training sessions, workshops and more.